Balanced Scorecard – An intervention for learning to use balanced scorecard in an effective manner

The 2 days training program was conducted by FITI in collaboration with the Ripples Learning Service, India. The objective of the training was to enable participants understand the most effective strategy to use balanced scorecard at various levels.

The program was intended for the Head of Department, Branch Managers and HR officers of various Financial Institutions.

The learning intervention is likely to impact business
  1. Implement aspects of the Balanced Scorecard System thereby leading to strategic execution
  2. Improve leader’s focus on strategy and the results their teams are creating
  3. Leaders can align day to day work of their team members with long term strategy of the organization
  4. While remaining focused on meeting current targets, leaders are able to align with future drivers of growth and performance.
Learning Outcomes: At the end of the program, the participants will
  1. Understand the basic concept of balanced scorecard
  2. Use Balanced Scorecard as a performance management tool
  3. Understand how the balanced scorecard can be used to improve organizations performance
  4. Apply the balanced scorecard at various levels within the organization
  5. Develop meaningful performance measures
  6. Use information from balanced scorecard towards strategic advantage