Workload Analysis: An intervention for analyzing work being done and its significance

The 2 days training program was conducted by FITI in collaboration with the Ripples Learning Service, India. The objective of the training was to let participants understand the essential quantity and quality of employees according to work volume.

The intended participants for the training were head of Department, Branch Managers and HR officers of the Financial Institutions.

The learning intervention is likely to impact business
  1. Identify actual needs of human resources in terms of quantity and quality
  2. Identify needs of human resources over short term and long term
  3. Ensure effective and efficient use of organization’s resources
  4. Improve performance and productivity of different units of the organization
Learning Outcome
  1. Understand the Significant of workload analysis for organization-wide HR planning
  2. Analyze existing workforce capability
  3. Plan the work standard
  4. Undertake Job Analysis to create Job Description Specificaitons
  5. Do manpower planning to ensure staff are in an optimized manner